Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Peace Education Pedagogy in a Non- Peace Education subject - My Reflections

Even when teaching subjects that don’t have explicit Peace Education topics, I have found that using Peace Education pedagogy is very beneficial.

Whatever the content to be taught, guiding learners to critically examine the subject matter allows them to throw up hitherto unconsidered angles to an issue/subject.

One of the questions I like most when teaching, is “WHY?”. When student asks “why?”, I have a feeling s/he has opened up a deeper level of his/her consciousness and trough the question, wishes to actually comprehend the “meaning” of what is being learnt.

Learning using a cooperative approach in groups, and ensuring students are part of the design of the learning activities, really makes a big difference in teaching/learning process. The lessons are truly “theirs”, and it thus goes beyond learning ICT skills, they feel a connection what the lessons.

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