Tuesday, September 13, 2011


 I envision a future in which all my learning activities will be based on Peace education themes.

 I hold a vision of my students not being passive recipients of instruction, but actually proactively using the acquired skills and knowledge to effect transformation in their local communities.

 I envision a future in which all young pupils of our local public schools will be given quality education that will guide them to become functional members of the society.

 I envision a future in which conflicts between our diverse ethnic groups will be resolved through dialogue; each party will be willing to make compromises; and there will be mutual respect for diversities.

 I envision a future in which all girls in my community will have access to post secondary education.

 I envision a world in which race, gender, or faith will not be the determinant of the height of achievement available for all human beings.

 I envision a future in which all firearms and bomb factories will be converted into schools and children playgrounds.

 I envision a future in which there will be no dictatorial government in power anywhere in the world.

 I envision a world in which environmental sustainability will be a major consideration when decisions are made on issues of growth and development.

 I envision myself as a Peace educator working both locally within my immediate community, and contributing to global efforts at making sure we leave this world better than we met it.

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  1. These are all very wonderful goals! I hope to see all of these come to fruition in our life time.


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