Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Peace Education Pedagogy in the Classroom - My Reflections

I am able integrate Peace Education themes into my classes without much problem because our learning activities take the thematic approach combined with a cooperative learning style.

Various Peace Education themes can be used to create learning activities for Word-processing, Data Processing Multimedia Presentation, Graphics Design, or Internet Appreciation classes.

I am presently using “Respect for diversity” as a theme for my Multimedia Presentations class. Each group has already submitted handwritten submissions on what they think of 3 tribes in the country other than theirs. The next stage will be a discussion forum to discuss some of the perceptions that have been submitted.

I intend the discussion forums to serve as “clarification sessions” where any misrepresentation found in the various submissions will be discussed and if there is any student from the tribe that is misrepresented, s/he would try offering clarifications. And I am also going through the submissions myself to obtain more information especially bon the tribes that are not represented in the class.

At the end of the discussions, I am hoping we will be able to reach better understanding about the different tribes we have in the country and clarify some false myths and misconceptions held about different tribes by others.

I intend to give the groups a second assignment to list the positive aspects of the cultures of the tribes they discussed in their earlier submissions.

I am hoping that, working form a clarified point of view, the students will be able to see other cultures in a better light.

I intend to then guide the students to create presentations using Ms PowerPoint outlining the positive values the groups submit in the 2nd assignment.

To date, the students are all very excited about the activity and they are discussing the tasks both in, and out of class. What impresses me most is the that the activity is really the students talking and asking questions both among themselves and within the community from people whose tribes they are working on.

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  1. Ibrahim,

    Sounds like a win/win situation. Your students are very lucky to have the opportunity to learn computer skills through meaningful content.



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