Monday, May 23, 2011

Selected Definitions of Peace education from other sources

1.    Ian Harris and John Synott have described peace education as a series of "teaching encounters" that draw from people:
    their desire for peace,
    nonviolent alternatives for managing conflict, and
    skills for critical analysis of structural arrangements that produce and legitimize injustice and inequality.

2.    James Page suggests peace education be thought of as "encouraging a commitment to peace as a settled disposition and enhancing the confidence of the individual as an individual agent of peace; as informing the student on the consequences of war and social injustice; as informing the student on the value of peaceful and just social structures and working to uphold or develop such social structures; as encouraging the student to love the world and to imagine a peaceful future; and as caring for the student and encouraging the student to care for others" .

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  1. Hi Ibrahim,
    Good selection! Thank you for doing some further research to find other definitions. The list abounds.


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