Monday, May 23, 2011

Potential benefits of Peace education on my society - My Reflections

Though as Computer Application packages Instructor, I may be erroneously be seen to be only concerned with imparting computing skills to my students. Revising my training materials and learning activities to revolve round peace education will offer me an opportunity to guide my students to a better understanding of the concept of peace, involve them in peace building activities and guide them to imbibe the spirit of peace coexistence and peaceful conflict resolution.

It could be a choice between integrating my learning activities into a defined peace education curriculum or integrating peace education into my computer training curricular. It might even mean building a complete new curriculum with peace education as one of its core aims.
Whichever choice is made, the main objective must always be infuse the spirit the peaceful coexistence into the learners by making them understand the disadvantages of conflict and accruable benefits of unity and cooperation.


  1. Hi Ibrahim,
    This is exciting! I don't think any of our participants to date have been computer instructors. I'm a firm believer that there is room for peace education in everything we teach, so I'm glad you agree.
    Further, peace education is more about HOW we teach than WHAT we teach, and in this sense, it does not matter what our suject matter is -every subject can be through the lens of peace education.
    Finally, whether we are formal educators or not, we are always teaching by example just by the way we live our lives and interact with others. In this sense, we can ALL be peace educators, whether at home, with our families and friends, in our communities or in our professional lives.

  2. Rightly said, promoting Peace education goes beyond the classroom. It should be regarded as a duty incumbent upon every inhabitant of this world we live in. Without peace and peaceful coexistence in the society, no development is possible. Even daily human activities come to a standstill when there is armed conflict. And in situations of extreme structural violence, progress is denied to some part of the populace. Being a universal duty upon all, it is even more important to ensure educators in all fields of study (formal and informal) buy-in to the ideals of Peace education.
    Even if governments can’t muster enough political will to initiate and implement Peace education curriculum in their national educational policies, everyone engaged in the training of young minds should be brought on board to use his/her teaching subject/course to promote Peace education.


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