Sunday, May 29, 2011

Freire and Peace education - a refection

Freire’s philosophy promoted the idea that in the struggle for liberation, the oppressed are not simply seeking for an “overthrow” of the structures of the oppressors and its replacement with a new leadership of the oppressed. Instead, he advocated for critical examination of the oppression and its causes by the oppressed, followed by open-minded reflection. And from the realization and enlightenment that is attained from this reflection, action can now be initiated towards transforming the present reality.

Instead of the oppressed turning round to conquer the oppressors, he proposed the oppressors must struggle to transform reality for both themselves and the oppressors.
The implications of this philosophy are that upon reflection and subsequent realization by the oppressed, they initiate effective action to transform not only their own status, but go further to bring enlightenment to the oppressors.
Apart from its leveling effects in education (by smoothening the teacher-learner dichotomy), this concept also offers great hope for conflict resolution initiatives in the wider world.

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