Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Society without discriminations – My reflections

My society without discriminations will mean a society where:-

 People of different faiths and ethnic backgrounds have a sense of belonging in the society.

 Everyone sees himself as being “at home” and not as a “settler” or “alien”.

 Every faith understands the values held dear by other faiths and respects them.

 Everyone is willing to volunteer and contribute his/her skills and other resources to the developing of the society.

 When misunderstandings or misconceptions come up, everyone is willing to LISTEN to the viewpoints of others and even if don’t agree with theirs, are willing to respect them as being valid beliefs of some other fellow beings with whom they share the duty of sustaining and developing their society.

If discriminations would simply vanish from my society, public schools will become better places for the learners, because quality teachers will be employed even if they aren’t indigenes of the area. Likewise, the health sector will certainly witness a positive change and growth as more professionals will feel free to come here and work in the public and private health institutions.

You’d have youths of diverse cultures attending the same schools and have a rich cultural experience in our classes, with every part feeling duly represented and free to participate in curricular and extracurricular activities

With discriminations eliminated, violent attacks caused by religious and ethnic differences among people will simply become things of the past.

One group that will certainly benefit a lot from a discrimination-free society are women; with more unrestricted access to quality education, women will have opportunities to acquire education to higher levels and thus be able to hold positions that will enable them influence policies in the future. With greater access to education for girls, tomorrow’s society will be made up of enlightened women who will be less vulnerable to discriminations.

The society is still predominantly conservative, but with the various ongoing efforts to build cooperation and understanding among youths, we’d get there someday soon.

As mentioned earlier, my NGO (http://www.yppjf.org) and my school (http://www.mitaedu.com) are equal opportunity organizations whose activities are built on the basis of equality, compassion and cooperation, all designed with the peace of our society in mind.

Our communal Peace Building Forum, which I mentioned in an earlier post, is really making an impact.


  1. Ibrahim,

    This is all good news and it is exactly efforts like yours that will eventually change our world. It is just one small step at a time and eventually we will reach our destination.


  2. Gwen,
    Yes, it is fulfilling because, I'm convinced we'd get there!


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