Thursday, August 25, 2011


The key point of human rights education can be summarized as follows: -

 Promoting knowledge of the rights in the UDHR and other International rights conventions and treaties; ways to promote these rights and mechanisms for handling rights violations. Human rights education aims at promoting the knowledge of the various rights outlined in the international instruments and the available means for promoting these rights, and the available mechanisms for handling violations.
 Human Rights education seeks to make all people accept human dignity as a fundamental principle to be observed throughout the society.
 Human rights education also seeks to raise awareness about the connection between Human Rights issues and other social problems in the society

In summary, Human Rights education can be said to be focused on empowering learners with knowledge about Human rights as enshrined in the various international instruments and the various means through which these rights can be promoted. Human rights education also aims at empowering learners with diverse skills with which they can effectively use existing mechanisms and institutions to handle Human Rights violations.

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