Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Multicultural understanding and peace – My reflections

Multicultural understanding among peoples of the world is a very necessary component for promoting peace.

Multicultural education aims at guiding learners to imbibe and develop a sense of respect and appreciation for the various ways in which humans differ – cultural, religious beliefs, linguistic, or otherwise. By having this sense of respect and appreciation instilled in them, learners are better able to cultivate the necessary values of tolerance for views different from theirs. And thus develop greater capacity to look at issues from the point of views of others.

Better multicultural understanding will help further Multicultural education’s aims of providing education for all students. When the barriers of racial and gender discriminations are eliminated, there is great hope that every child will have access to good education in his local community.

With better multicultural understanding, and greater acceptance of, and appreciation for cultures different from ours, we certainly will cultivate and develop a respect for the fundamental humanity of all mankind.

Once we are able to imbibe the acceptance and respect for the humanity of all people, we are less likely to promote prejudices and discriminations in our societies.

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