Friday, June 3, 2011

Transformative learning and Peace education - A personal reflection

Learning process can rightly be described as transformative when it leads to a fundamental change in knowledge, attitudes, behaviours and worldview upon critical examination and reflection.

Peace education aims at effecting societal transformation towards a culture of peace starting from the intrapersonal level, to the interpersonal level, all through to the intercultural and global levels.

With the realization and acceptance of the fact that the essence of peace education is transformation of the society, it is therefore important to model peace education efforts on this view of it being a means of changing the orientation of the society from a culture of war to a culture of peace.
From my perception, effective implementation of peace education would require the following:-
Ø    Clear definition of the current reality;
Ø    Critical examination of the defined reality;
Ø    Reflection with a view to identifying the best possible way(s) of transforming the reality;
Ø    Actual action towards effecting the transformation.
A good reflection upon the above elements will show that peace education aims at changing reality as defined at first, through a process of critical examination and reflection; before finally using the newly acquired understanding and enlightenment to initiate the actual action of transforming the reality.

To me, Peace education is not an end in itself, but a means to ensuring the world regains normalcy and continues to build upon that normalcy. With this mind, I believe the process of definition of reality, critical examination, reflection and eventual action; is not a one-time, solves all pill to be taken and then discarded. It should be regarded as a long-term treatment which, to be effective, must be embedded into the societal values and must always be in a state of being revised, redefined and improved upon to continually provide a means of progressively moving the world consciousness towards peace.

The world is always in a state of continuous action and new events unfold daily out of the diverse interactions among people. Out of these interactions, issues will appear for which there are diverse outlooks, and only a world in a state of perpetual self-examination can be well prepared to meet new challenges as they emerge.


  1. Dear Ibrahim,

    Yes, nothing is static. What we once thought "normal" is always changing as we acquire new knowledge and perspectives. It is always a problem when people stop questioning and/or reflecting on the current state of affairs. We need to continue to evolve in our thinking and actions.

    Best regards,

  2. That is why I strongly buy into the concept of viewing change in a praxis.
    Every action being based upon reflection and further reflection being carried out on the result of the initial action.
    ACTION - REFLECTION - ACTION as a continual process is the best model for sustainable transformation.

  3. I agree. And hopefully, change is always in a positive direction.


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